September 22, 2016

Orba - Blotter [Album]

Orba is a side project by Shea Kennedy of Calgary, AB. Shea is the founder of Sophisticat Netlabel where he strives to curate a collection of all that is trippy as well as push artists to create and collaborate. 

Blotter experiments with sound design, binaural after effects and vocals in an attempt to refine the artists skills and knowledge. Each of the tracks are based around old project files that were initially scrapped by the musician. With a focus on developing new techniques, Orba breathes new life in to each of the songs and designs a binaural listening experience that is worth dusting off the headphones for. 

Equipment Used: 
-Volca Sample 
-Apogee Duet 
-Kaoss Pad 

Software Used: 
-Logic Pro X