September 23, 2016

A. Hagen - Hercules Shaver Vs. The Core Lords (Vol. 2) [Episode]

Hailing from Chicago, IL, A. Hagen is a poly-talented artist forging his own path in a wide spectrum of the arts. Whether it's music, writing, comics, games or videos, he regularly has a project on the go. You can learn more about A. Hagen here: 

From the mysterious depths of the ocean comes Hercules Shaver Vs. The Core Lords (Vol. 2). Hercules Shaver and the Global Army Corp heads to Antarctica aboard the U.S.S. Silver. Hercules falls in love with Bashar, a drug dealer and prophetic visionary. Meanwhile, all life on land is exterminated by a plague... 

Hercules Shaver Vs. The Core Lords is an ongoing musical series. The music, writing, album artwork and spoken word are all products of A. Hagen's creative undertaking. Stay tuned for more episodes in the future!